Modern Love Vintage

This is the third incarnation of Modern Love Vintage. In 2006 it started out as a duo in Encinitas ,California where two gals with a passion for vintage clothing decided to start selling their finds on ebay. After my partner moved away Modern Love Vintage was on hold for a few years. The passion for vintage was not put on hold though. I continued to acquire vintage items and after meeting a fellow vintage lover in college I decided to bring Modern Love Vintage back with a new partner but now on a new platform, Etsy. Then that partner moved away and Etsy was put on permanent vacation mode. Of course, my passion never died. It was the Fall of 2016 that I saw a call for vendors for the now very popular Barrio Logan Flea Market. I thought, why not? I had plenty of merchandise to sell and it would be a fun hobby. Fast forward and my fun hobby has turned into a full-time job. I could not be more pleased with the amazing community of vendors and fellow vintage lovers that I continue to meet everyday. Modern Love Vintage customers are the best ever. I really mean that. Without you this would mean nothing. I do this all for you. I scour estate sales, get dirty and sun burned at the swap meets, drive to strangers houses to pick up merchandise I found on re-sale sites, spend countless hours at thrifts all in hopes that I find that one special item for that one special person. There is no better feeling as a vintage seller than to see an item I procured find its new home. I love doing this, and I hope that love shows thorough.